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Simple Cut

Simple Cut is a revolutionary device which makes it possible to cut pipes at different angles in order to connect them in any desired way. Its innovation lies in the fact that it does not require transportation of pipes to the cutting station but only needs installation of the device on the pipe for example at the place of its storage. Cutting speed is many times greater than when using a band saw or grinder. Furthermore, the weight of the device which is just over 10kg is of great importance too. A control panel is a standalone device which does not require computer connection. Installation of the device on the pipe is particularly easy and only one person is enough to fully operate the machine.

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Cutting can be divided into three stages:

  1. entering cutting parameters
  2. installation of the device on a pipe
    • on the touchscreen, the operator chooses an operation
    • he enters pipe diameters, angles the pipes are supposed to be join at and other parameters necessary to finally connect the pipes
    • the device conducts all the calculations and waits for the operator’s approval
  3. cutting

Thanks to cooperation with the plasma torch, from the moment of pressing „Start”, control of the ignition of the plasma arc and air electric valve is completely automated. It is possible to adapt the device for acetylene-oxygen torches, propane/butane-oxygen torches or other plasma cutters.

Investment - time and money

There is no disguising the fact that Simple Cut significantly reduces production costs. Not only does it considerably reduce the preparation time of pipes before their connection but also it lowers operating expenses. When using a plasma torch, no expensive gases are used for cutting, only compressed air is used to this end. Elimination of transport costs of pipes and a possibility of operation of the device by only one person is also an immense saving to the company.


When cutting thick-wall or large diameter pipes, Simple Cut has a considerable time advantage over the conventional cutting methods. An example can be cutting a 320 mm diameter pipe with a wall 35 mm thick which takes only four minutes while the conventional methods do not allow to do so in less than an hour. Installation of the device may take approximately five minutes, which cannot be compared to transportation of a four-meter pipe to the place where band saw is.

Simple Cut and operator

User-friendly control panel, intuitive control and menu in Polish contribute to quick training of the device operator. In fact, no expertise is needed to operate the machine. Providing him with a few basic parameters of a given connection will suffice.

The device allows to perform each cut in a mirror image version. As a result, it is possible to mount the device both on the part of the pipe which is to be a final product and on the remaining part.

Simple Cut and welder

After the cutting is finished, edges do not require mechanical fixes. Some irregularities in matching one pipe to the other may be caused by ellipticity of a pipe or uneven thickness of the wall, yet such situations concern only cheap pipes made with insufficient accuracy. As far as better quality pipes are concerned, immediately after cutting the edges are ready for welding. This is of paramount importance especially in case of high-pressure connections. Tight fitting facilitates welding and increases the likelihood of positive result of the ultrasound or X-ray inspection.

See the functions of Simple Cut →