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The company Tomorrow’s system Ltd. was founded on July 1, 2014. Initiated by Mateusz Szymanski, it was to unite the best engineers from several areas to create a strong team that would be able to introduce new products on the market. With the support of three investors, the company began to acquire professional equipment and tools very quickly. In the initial stage of development, it dealt with medium and high power laser technology, and created a few products which were introduced to its offer and are still included in the company’s scope of supply. For the first year, the company has been trusted by more than 40 foreign companies which use the equipment manufactured under the brand Opt Lasers. In the meantime, the company was working on the final version of the device for cutting pipes, which was one of the main objectives of the company in the first year of its operation. By developing three prototypes, initial mechanical flaws were eliminated and at that time data-entry system convenient for an operator was created. Furthermore, the company expanded its offer with CNC and project services. Thanks to its flexibility and harmonious team, it can easily adapt to individual orders and deadlines.


Creating a harmonious team is a challenge especially nowadays when due to financial reasons new technologies are available only to large companies. Our team of engineers responsible for represented knowledge and additionally supported by business partners − investors, makes an ideal combination which makes it possible to enter new areas of the market. We encourage you to contact us and find common goals allowing for the development of Polish competitiveness within Europe and around the world.

Mateusz Szymański


MSc in Mechatronics

Born on March 24, 1989, in Białystok. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology obtaining the title of Master of Science in Mechatronics. In high school, he became a finalist of the all-Poland physics contest. In the second year of studies, lasers became his hobby. Just two years later he founded a startup Opt Lasers and soon after he won a penultimate stage of the StartUp of the Year competition. In order to create a larger company and enter the foreign market with the company’s products, he decided to gather a group of engineers and investors to establish the company Tomorrow’s System Ltd. Currently, he is a President of the Board.

Michał Kułaga

Engineer in Information Technology

Born on December 21, 1983, in Jędrzejów. An Engineer in Information Technology. For seven years he worked as a constructor in one of Europe’s largest companies manufacturing boilers. Parallel to his regular job, he was dealing with writing computer programs, which relatively soon turned into designing of electronic devices based on AVR, ARM and CPLD/FPGA microcontrollers. He is currently a partner in Tomorrow’s System Ltd. holding a position of electromechanical engineer and is engaged in designing and supervising the production process.

Kamil Birkholc

MSc in Mechatronics

Born on April 4, 1989, in Warsaw. In 2013, he graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology obtaining the title of Master of Science in Mechatronics with a major in Micromechanics. In the fourth year of studies, he began working with a startup Opt Laser. After graduation, he worked one year as a project engineer in the development department. In the meantime, he has developed interest in the field of CAD/CAM programs and has been involved in the production and sale of laser devices.

Andrzej Cholewski

Engineer in Robotics

Born on June 27, 1989, in Białystok. By education an engineer with major in Robotics. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in the faculty of Mechatronics. The subject of his thesis involved implementation of deadbeat algorithm for the needs of the university program supporting projects and simulations of control systems for industry. Robotics, digital electronics and control algorithms are the subject of his interest. He also writes software for microcontrollers and OS.